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Traveling Conditions


*Presentation at boarding: Passengers are required to present himself for boarding thirty minutes earlier than the scheduled departure time. Fifteen minutes before to the comunication on board by the master or by the crew through the intercom network, only in case of intermediate stop of cruise.

*Not presentation at boarding: The no show within the time described in paragraph one does not give right to any refund.

*Hours: all timetable, will be confirmed by the captain on board by intercom network or by the board hostess. In case of doubt, consult a member of the crew before leaving the ship. The NAVISAL itself reserves the right to make changes to programs and / or times in case of any weather conditions not favorable, force majeure, technical needs and operational.

*Cancellations: the NAVISAL itself reserves the right to cancel the trip at any time before the starting, according to the law N ° 1084 of 27/12/1997, with the only obligation that is to refund the sums paid.

*Premature termination: in case of execution part of a cruise or a trip, the NAVISAL will refund only the portion of the Ticket calculated in proportion to the part not path. (Art. 406 Code Nav.).

*Waiver by the customer: In case of cancellation of the customer, the Navisal still entitled to recovery of 25% of the amount calculated on the reservation as a penalty and, if necessary, in case of advance payment, refund the customer 75% of the amount paid by the issue of the respective credit note, just in case of cancellations received 24 hours before the start time of the trip. In case of cancellations received after the above deadline, the customer must pay for the entire amount on the reservation and receive the relevant invoice issued by Navisal.

*Refunds: the ticket refund will be made by the agency or by the ticket office where the customer have buy the ticket for cruise.

*Visits from sea and circumnavigations: visits from the sea to the pumice quarries are subject to weather and sea conditions and / or the authorization of the Harbour authorities. Visits from the sea, circumnavigation, and a stop at the Sciara del Fuoco Stromboli, are always optional and subject to weather and sea conditions, unquestionably judged by the Captain of the ship. Any failure to perform due to force majeure, adverse weather conditions or technical requirements of the operating NAVISAL not be entitled to a refund.

*The ticket is personal: it can not be transferred without the prior consent of NAVISAL and is valid only for departure stated therein, the passenger without a ticket or a ticket non-compliant (by type or tariff applied) will be required to pay double amount of the fee for the entire journey.

*It 'absolutely forbidden: transporting dangerous goods on board of any type and kind, offenders will be reported to the competent authorities.

*The passenger has the right: to carry only one hand baggage of a total weight not exceeding 10 kg. For surplus must be paid a ticket for the same rate in force.

*Boarding's pets: is allowed boarding of pets on board, only if housed in cages or baskets, by passenger owner who is responsible for any damage caused by the animal to people or things.

*Advertising of general conditions: these conditions are published on the website of NAVISAL ( And exhibited into the NAVISAL ticket offices and on the command decks of the ships owned.

*He purchase of the ticket is: evidence of acceptance by the passenger of the general conditions described above.

*For although not expressly described: it reference made to exclusively to the National Italian Law and the Italian Code of Navigation.

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